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INSANITY: ‘Woke’ University of Pittsburgh professor denies the difference in male and female skeletons

Based on the NYP, A “woke” College of Pittsburgh anthropology professor denied there’s a distinction in female and male bone construction throughout a dialogue about gender, sparking disbelief and outrage.

“When you had been to dig up a human — two people — 100 years from now, each a person and a lady, may you inform the distinction strictly off of bones?” Riley Gaines is proven in footage asking throughout the lecture. “No,” professor Gabby Yearwood replies, based on footage posted on Twitter.

The response sparked appalled laughter from college students, together with Gaines, who describes herself on Twitter as a former College of Kentucky swimmer who believes there are “solely two sexes.” Yearwood then insists that he’s the “skilled within the room,” based on FOX Information.


“Have any of you been to anthropological websites? Have any of you studied organic anthropology? I’m simply saying, I’ve bought over 150 years of knowledge, I’m simply curious as to why I’m being laughed at,” he stated earlier than later declaring, “I’ve a PhD!”

However his “woke” and “unscientific” declare drew heated skepticism on social media Friday. “That is how far eliminated the Left is from actuality that they need to deny fundamental scientific information,” tweeted the Impartial Ladies’s Discussion board, a non-profit centered on financial coverage points.

“When the self-proclaimed “skilled within the room” is offended that his assertion that males & females don’t have distinct skeletal variations is laughable, one would possibly surprise what college students learning anthropology on the College of Pittsburgh are being taught by their professors,” the group added.

Dr. Aisha El Ait Mohr tweeted, “That professor ought to resign instantly” — whereas one other critic blasted, “again to high school for that professor.” Archeologists rely closely on pelvis form to find out the intercourse of a skeleton together with the final assumption that bigger traits are male, together with skulls and sizable areas the place muscle groups connect to bone.

However archeologists have admitted errors in overlooking intersex people, together with small-statured males or large-statured girls, based on Uncover Journal and different specialists.

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