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(WATCH) Asteroid strikes Earth’s atmosphere over Europe leaving onlookers in awe

Whereas the U.S. was busy celebrating the Tremendous Bowl on Sunday night time, Europeans had their very own spectacle. Early Monday morning, a vibrant flash streaked throughout the skies over Western Europe as an asteroid found simply hours earlier made its influence with Earth’s environment.

The asteroid, dubbed Sar2667, was first detected on the night of Feb. 12 by astronomer Krisztián Sárneczky in Hungary. He advised Area.com that he discovered the asteroid throughout a routine near-Earth object hunt utilizing a 2-foot telescope.

“It was instantly apparent that it was an NEO, nevertheless it wasn’t notably quick throughout the sky,” he stated, “because it was heading proper in the direction of us, and it was faint.”


After further observatories confirmed its existence and trajectory, European Area Company Operations put out a press release Sunday night, saying the 1-meter meteoroid was anticipated to securely strike the environment over northern France later within the night time.

Simply earlier than 3 a.m. UT, a “very vibrant ending flash of the meteor” was detected, confirming that the small asteroid, now known as 2023 CX1, had entered Earth’s environment, the Worldwide Meteor Group stated. It hit close to Rouen, the capital of France’s Normandy area.

“Simply noticed it and it was magnificent,” one particular person tweeted together with a video of the asteroid falling above the English Channel going through France. “Got here down vertically on time. 2:59. Inexperienced like a vibrant emerald then vibrant orange actually rapidly. Completely phenomenal view…”

The American Meteor Society has obtained 40 experiences of the fireball from England, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. This marks simply the seventh time an asteroid has been detected earlier than it hit the planet. And the newest occasion got here nearly precisely 10 years after a meteor exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia,

on Feb. 15, 2013, setting off a shock wave that injured almost 1,200 individuals and shattered home windows in 3,600 condo blocks. Based on EarthSky, the asteroid was about 20 instances larger than the one on Monday, with an estimated measurement of 65 toes and touring at a velocity of 12 miles a second when it hit the environment. (SOURCE)

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